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On the evening of February 17, 2015 I was notified by several friends on Facebook that my alternate helmet concept designs for all 32 NFL teams were featured in an article on Bleacher Report. While I was extremely excited that such a major sports outlet featured my design concepts on their front page, I was a little bummed because there were a handful of the NFL helmets that I wasn’t 100% satisfied with. Here in this graphic, you will see all 32 alternate design concepts I came up with that I am 100% satisfied with. I only wish these were the ones on the article, but nonetheless, it’s still very rewarding to see some of the concepts I came up with reach so many people. These were designed in mind to serve as alternate helmets to the teams, not to replace the ones they currently wear. Thank you Samantha Young, Joseph Cantrell, Brandon Pollard and Ryan Bull Pollard for all your help and support with what seemed to be a goofy project idea at the time. Follow Fresh Football Helmets on Instagram @FreshFootballHelmets and on Twitter @FFHelmets. Thanks!

Also, it is hard to tell in this graphic, so go to the Instagram or Twitter gallery, but in many of the helmets, there are textures that really make the helmets as well. Such as in Green Bay Packers, the helmet shell looks like “cheese” texture. The Chiefs and Redskins both feature Native motif designs that accent them. The Steelers feature a rugged “steel” grate and the Rams shell has a ram-horn texture.

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