DJI Mavic Pro

In late December 2016, I ordered the DJI Mavic Pro drone directly from I decided to order the drone and 1 extra battery. When I placed my order, it said my drone would be shipped within 4-6 weeks after my order was confirmed. It said my extra battery would ship 5-7 business days after my order was confirmed. Well… I got one of them way sooner than I expected and the other way later than I expected.


I received my DJI Mavic Pro (the drone) on Monday January 16, 2017 (yes – FedEx shipped on MLK day), which ended up being just a little over 2 weeks after I ordered my drone. That was a pleasant surprise! Also, what was a not-so-pleasant surprise was that I didn’t receive my extra battery until Tuesday January 24, 2017, which ended up being a little under 3 and a half weeks.


The DJI Mavic Pro is a small, foldable drone that is jam-packed with some really cool technology including a 4k resolution camera. It has front and downward facing sensors which help the drone avoid obstacles and it has an a plethora of intelligent flight modes that allow you to do some really cool things with the drone that you can easily fit in a small bag (both aircraft and the remote). I decided that I would start a series of tutorials and informative videos on the drone and put them on my YouTube channel. Below, you will see the videos in gallery fashion, so if you are interested in this drone, please feel free to check them out.