Cancun Vacation (2017)

My wife Samantha and I, along with my mother and father-in-law, flew to Cancun on July 29, 2017 and vacationed there until August 3, 2017. Overall, we had a great time and only encountered a few minor bumps in the road.

Being a vlogger, I was sure to be equipped with cameras pretty much at all times and documented each day of our vacation. Sometimes it’s a hassle to always keep up with cameras and film most of the vacation, but I’ve found that for me it’s worth the trouble. Samantha and I really enjoy being able to go back and relive our vacations through the vlogs.

I took my Sony A7sii with Sony/Zeiss 16-35mm lens and Zhiyun crane along to capture some cinematic footage and put together a “production video” that basically shows highlights from the trip.

Oh yeah… I also took my drone (DJI Mavic Pro). I was kind of worried about having trouble with it in the airports, but I didn’t have a single issue. Not one. I packed it, along with the batteries and remote for it, in my carry on. I didn’t have a single issue flying it at the resort in Cancun or the day we visited Isla Mujeres (however, I did forget to copy the video footage off my micro SD card before formatting it, dangit).

The weather was nice for our entire stay. On the first day, I guess I was too excited about exploring the resort and I forgot to apply sunscreen…whoops. Every day after that, I was sure to apply extra :)

Now I’m going to break the vacation down day-to-day… mainly for my own personal nostalgia to look back and reflect on later, but also for those of you interested in our trip. I will also include the vlog I created for that said day as well.

Saturday – July 29, 2017

We got up at 3:00am and I remember we both only had got about an hour of sleep since we were so excited, so I knew it was going to be a very long day. We left the house at 3:50am. The ride to Oklahoma City was fine, we got the vehicle parked, got shuttled to the airport and caught our 6:00am flight to Atlanta where we had to change airplanes in 40 minutes, but we were fine there as well. We arrived in Cancun by noon or so but unfortunately, our rooms weren’t ready until around 3:30pm or 4:00pm so we went to explore the resort. Once we finally got settled into the room, everything was smooth sailing. Samantha and I then went and hung out in the pool and had a few drinks. I decided it was time to break the DJI Mavic Pro out (my drone) and fly it for the first time in another country. I was a little nervous, but everything went great. We ended the evening by going into the ocean and doing a little swimming. The seaweed was really thick.

Sunday – July 30, 2017

It was our first full day at the resort, so we basically just spent the entire day hanging out, exploring and relaxing. I woke up at 5:30am and went down to the beach to fly the drone and captured a lot of photos and video. We saw many sea turtle trails on the sand that morning. We went and ate some breakfast at the buffet restaurant. We had a waiter named J.J. who entertained us with a few “magic” tricks. He was very friendly (and a dabbing machine) and we were sure to leave him a good tip. After breakfast, we hung out by the pool and ate some lunch. I then went down to the beach and flew the drone again to capture even more footage. Samantha laid out on a chair on the beach and enjoyed the scenery while I flew the drone around. There was another guy around somewhere (I never saw the pilot holding the remote) flying a DJI Phantom. We did a little more swimming and a little more relaxing until we got hungry and went to eat dinner at the buffet restaurant again. After dinner, we went back to the beach and I captured some video with my Sony A7sii for the production video. We hung out there for awhile, we even saw several sea turtles crawling up into the sand that night and I got a pretty neat time lapse of it (as you can see at the end of the vlog above).

Monday – July 31, 2017

I woke up early again and went up to the top floor of the resort and out on a balcony to get a time lapse. Samantha woke up shortly after me and we went and ate some breakfast at the buffet restaurant. Then we hung out at the room for a little bit while I copied footage to our laptop. It was EXTREMELY hot on Monday and we were sure to put on a lot of sunscreen. The resort was extremely crowded and we had a hard time finding chairs to hang out in and place our items on. Samantha ate fish tacos for lunch and I ate a pepperoni pizza (which was surprisingly really good). I ended up pretty much living on pepperoni pizza from the resort the entire trip. We spent a little more time down at the pool and hung out and drank some drinks. We decided to go parasail, which we have already done 2 times before together in the past. It was a good time, we were the last couple of the day to parasail before they shut it down, so they let us stay up in the air a little longer while they drove the boat closer to our resort. When we got back on the beach from parasailing, a lady was selling these little water proof pouches for smart phones, so we bought a couple of them from her. We ended up swimming in the pool again, then we ate some dinner, went up to the room and hit the sack.

Tuesday – August 1, 2017

We started out Tuesday at the resort with really no other plans than just relaxing and staying at the resort. We went to the buffet restaurant and ate some breakfast. We decided we were going to go ahead and rent a car (which cost us $75 USD for 24 hours) and drive to Chichen Itza and Cenote Ik Kil (2 things that have been on my bucket list for a while). We got in the car, and took off West. We got on what is equivalent to a pay toll road in the USA. We were told that they took US dollar at the toll, but unfortunately for us, they didn’t. So we turned around after driving a good chunk of the morning and wasting time. So, that was a major bummer. We decided not to let it ruin our day or vacation and drove back to the resort. We went through the drive thru at McDonalds before going back to the resort. When we got back to the resort, we walked up to the top floor again, to the balcony, and took some pictures that overlook the whole resort. We then went back down to the pool and hung out and drank some drinks (our favorite thing to do lol). We cleaned up, went and ate some dinner, then went back to the pool. We took advantage of our rental car though, and went and exchanged some US dollars for pesos with my mother-in-law and father-in-law. We were wiped out after this long day, so headed back to our room and crashed for the night.

Wednesday – August 2, 2017

We woke up pretty early again and walked a little distance to catch a bus that would take us up further North to get on a ferry that would take us to Isla Mujeres. The ferry was a really nice, smooth and quick ride to the island. We went with my mother-in-law and father-in-law. We rented a golf cart where the back seats faced backwards. We went down to the very far South tip of the island and I flew my drone. I captured a lot of video clips and took a few photos. Unfortunately, somehow when I got back to our room in the resort, I formatted my micro SD card that came out of the drone before I transferred the video files. But I did at least transfer the photos before formatting. It was very pretty there on the Southeast tip of the island. After that, we drove around the entire island and even stopped and checked out the cemetery there on the island. It was very different than the cemeteries I am used to here in the United States. I even saw a skate park, which was really cool and was right on the edge of the island, so that would probably be the best scenery ever at a skate park! Then we stopped at a nice restaurant to eat some lunch. It was really good! I ate some nachos and Samantha ate a cheeseburger and fries and half of her step-dad’s civiche (haha). Samantha and I then took the golf cart over and went and checked out a sea turtle farm while her mom and step-dad went to the beach. It was really cool getting to see the sea turtles so up close and personal. After that, we drove around a little more and went to a spot that I was going to try and fly the drone again, but it was in a no fly zone, so the drone wouldn’t even take off (and I’m glad – very neat technology). We then experienced a little more excitement then we wanted to. We needed to get the golf cart turned back in by 3:00ish because we needed to catch the ferry back to the mainland (Cancun) by 3:30pm. However, we had a very hard time locating the golf cart rental location. Samantha even turned down a 1-way street the wrong way and the police started making hand gestures like “what the heck are you doing?” haha. Samantha got off the golf cart and went and talked to them and they were pretty nice and tried pointing how to get to where we needed to get. Luckily, a very nice lady took off walking and had us follow her and she showed us where the place was and we got back to the terminal on time, met my mother-in-law and step-father-in-law and got on the ferry and back to Cancun. I then went up to the 6th floor to sort of a side-balcony on our resort and flew the drone a little bit, captured a sunset time lapse over looking the lagoon, and edited a vlog from a couple days prior. Meanwhile, Samantha enjoyed a complimentary spa treatment. We wrapped up the evening by going and eating dinner in the big event room where they had live entertainment (a gentlemen swinging a lasso rope and jumping through it, some dancing and a Mariachi band). After that, we went back up to the room and went to bed.

Thursday – August 3, 2017

This was our last day of vacation. We had to leave the resort around 12:20pm, so we got up and went down to the pool to get some last minute swimming in. We eventually had to get out of the pool and head back up to the room to pack up and head down to the front of the resort, turn in our room keys and get ready to catch our ride back to the Cancun Airport. Once at the Cancun airport, our Lomas Travel guy took good care of us and walked us through everything and made it a breeze. We went through security and customs and all that fun stuff. After all that, I was starving so we went off to get a hamburger, fries and a soda from Johnny Rockets which was really good. We bought a Cancun magnet, which is kind of a tradition Samantha and I have started (getting one on all of our travels/vacation). After buying the magnet, Samantha realized we forgot to get her carry-on at the customs location. We hurried back in that direction and luckily for us, they had it set aside, whew. We ended up getting priority seating which was cool and my mother-in-law and father-in-law got bumped up to first class. The flight was really smooth and I spent most of the time editing a vlog. We arrived in Atlanta on time. After going through security and customs in Atlanta, I found a Chic-Fil-A and Samantha and I ate dinner. Our flight was delayed big time due to some rainy weather. After waiting a long time, our flight finally departed Atlanta and we arrived back in Oklahoma City around midnight or midnight 30. We then had our hour drive back home and we were glad to be back and see our cats.

Additional Information

I also ended up making 2 more videos other than the 6 vlogs that simply documented each day. I made what I like to call a “production video”, which basically highlighted the entire trip in cinematic fashion. I also made a separate drone video that has nothing but aerial footage. Both of those videos can be seen below.